Frequently Asked Questions about Employment Opportunities

How do I apply for a position at ATC Chile?

Send your CV to us. If there is any opportunity that fits your profile, we'll contact you.

What happens after I submit my resume?

Your CV will be reviewed by talent acquisition and a selection of our staff. If there is an opportunity that fits your profile we will contact you. If there are no positions available your resume will remain in our database for future opportunities.

How often should I send my resume?

There is no specific frequency. Once stored in our database, your resume will be available for any opportunity. However, it is important to keep it updated with correct information.

How do I know you received my resume?

All emails we receive are answered. If there is a vacancy that matches your profile, you will receive a confirmation email.

After submitting my CV, will it be visible to all business units at American Tower?

No. When you submit your resume through this channel, only ATC Chile has access to your CV.

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